Ioan Lazar
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John Lazar was born on March 20, 1936 in Viisoara Romania. He grew up in the harsh and battered environment of World War 2 Europe with his father, grandmother, step mother, 6 step sisters and one step brother all sharing a two room house. He studied as a child and worked hard to become an accomplished pianist and organist as well as a master of the accordion. At 17, he graduated from high school and joined the Romanian Air Force where he served for three years as a pilot.

After the service he enrolled at the Gheorghe Dima Conservatory of Music in Cluj-Napoca. There he finished his masters of fine arts and became a professor of theory and harmony at the Institutul Pedagogic in Constanta Romania.

In 1969 he defected to the United States and settled in Canton Ohio where he was sponsored by the local Romanian Orthodox Church. Through the church he met his future wife Stella and they were married in 1971 and remained so until his death.

For the remainder of his life he was active in music, teaching, performance and production. He worked for Baldwin Piano and Organ Company in New York City throughout the 80's and relocated to Florida in 1990 where he started a company as a real estate broker. Throughout that time, he was also a good and noble husband, father, grandfather and friend to everyone who met him. He had a seamless charm and personality that immediately endeared him to everyone he met. He was an extraordinary talent and outstanding entertainer.

John Lazar died early morning on Tuesday, July 16 2013 at his home and peacefully in his sleep.

He is survived by his wife Stella and his two sons, John and Adrian as well as three granddaughters, Lily, Leah and Ava. His family loves him and will miss him very much.

He is in Godís hands now.
The Music of Ioan Lazar
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